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  • ALLWOMEN ( 49W / Greenhithe, England - Kent )



  • lhorner ( 22W / Jonesboro, AR )


    I am a massive concert junkie. Love them so much! expecially country

  • XsofiasofiaX ( 29W / Oxted, England - Surrey )


    Shows music drinks lunch jet ski lol anything im cool woman will give it a go

  • purpleillusion ( 56M / Herndon, VA )


    My idea is music and concert somewhere we all can feel very happy and make that day a memorable one

  • smilz4u2 ( 57W / Atlanta, GA )


    Let's talk and see what interests we both desire and then we together can plan a wonderful first date. I would enjoy something fun and entertaining. Something that will give me a warm feeling inside about the date and a  more>>

  • Aikoshahani78 ( 26W / Austin, TX )


    Would you like to watch a movie or listen to music with me tonight?

  • AUROSE ( 52W / Melbourne, Victoria )


    We have a candlelight dinner and then take a nice walk on the beach.

  • Expatgirl ( 24W / Winston Salem, NC )


    My energetic personality really comes out when I'm at a rock concert. If you want to see who I am with no inhibitions or worries, let's go to a high-energy concert and dance!

  • Velvetcheetah ( 45W / Oxnard, CA )


    Our playground is a new experience, where we have a shared adventure that gives us each a glimpse of the fun and passion that grows with subsequent playdates!

  • janemac78 ( 37W / Pueblo, CO )


    I love to be surprised!!! Home cooked meals to a juicy burger in a whatever day.

  • SexyAries007 ( 49W / Washington, DC )


    I concert somewhere would be great...Love R&B, Rap music, Gospel, etc.. A movie is great as well.

  • ThereGoesVika ( 34W / North Hollywood, CA )


    I'm simple, but classy, but I'll get down and dirty and go on a crazy adventure with you as well. Dinner, beach, hiking, sailing.

  • Leneskul ( 19W / molde, More og Romsdal )


    Candleligth dinner, go for a walk at nigth, go to a consert, or something like that or maybe something uniqe

  • Jed_sawyer ( 34M / Saint Petersburg, FL )


    Take a ride on the Harley to an event. Have a beverage or two. Food is always good.

  • Greeneyes767 ( 47W / Morganton, NC )


    Coffee and a chat, dinner, a walk in the park, a picnic

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